Copywriting | Editing | Blogging | Consulting



  • Display: banner ads (promotional and collection spotlight)
  • Paid Social: canvas, carousel, Facebook link, and Instagram ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): blogging, meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, focus keywords, and HTML
  • Email: promotions, stories, collection spotlights (can work in InDesign and Photoshop, if copy doc is not required)
  • Site: graphic headers, landing pages, home pages, and more
  • Product: descriptions of clothing, fragrance, and more
  • Conversion: subject line conversion strategy and content
  • Screenwriting: uses basic functions of Celtx


  • Proofreading: (or, word-level editing) addresses typos, repeated words, spelling, punctuation and formatting issues
  • Copyediting: (or, sentence-level editing) addresses grammar, usage and consistency issues
  • Stylistic Editing: (or, paragraph-level editing) involves recasting sentences for clarity and flow


  • Search Engine Optimization: Will provide proper keyword and header formatting (H1, H2, H3), along with meta descriptions and titles
  • General Blogging: Will deliver content with basic research and SEO (ex: listicles, how-tos, etc...)
  • Expert Blogging: Will deliver content with a more authoritative knowledge and expertise (reputable statistics, facts, etc...)
  • Stock Photos: If you have a Shutterstock account, I will happily provide images for your blog


  • Finding Work: how to land your first few gigs
  • Pricing: how to price yourself, create invoices, and more
  • Organization: from timesheets to planners and everything in-between
  • Portfolio: building a basic portfolio that showcases writing in clean format